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For me, teaching is an activity not only for building academic knowledge

but also for instilling motivation and passion in students who want to contribute to society.



          Fall 2015      ARCH 6503 BIM Applications



     Spring 2016      COA 8690 Building Product Models



     CM 2116 Construction Plan Reading (Online),  Fall 2017,  11 students

                                                                                       Spring 2018,  18 students


     CM 1102 Construction Plan Reading,  Fall 2016,  60 students

                                                                        Spring 2017,  118 students



  •  Co-Instructor with Professor Chuck Eastman
  •  Teaching assistant (TA) and lecturer


     Spring 2015      COA 8690 Product Modeling, ARCH 6503 BIM Applications

  •  Guest lecturer


          July 2014      Summer Exchange Program, Data-Driven Program Management and Validation

  •  Lecturer for a summer semester exchange program


     Spring 2012      ARCH 8803 Building Facades

  •  Lecturer and Lab Instructor


ENGage Outreach Program at Louisiana State University, March 26th 2018


This program provides engineering research experience to K-12 students. More than 200 students from 8 middle schools attended this program. Dr. Lee's research team had research activities with 6 different groups of 8~20 students regarding "Interoperability of Building Information Modeling for Automated Design and Construction."

Research Involvement of K-12 Student, K-12 STEM Education, Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School, September 2017 - February 2018


One seventh-grade African-American woman student named Jnea Steiner attending Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School was involved in the research regarding sound-based construction activity monitoring and automated safety surveillance. The goal of this research study has aligned with K-12 STEM education that can allow K-12 students to be motivated and inspired in STEM areas. She collected diverse construction sounds at the Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center at Baton Rouge and learned the automated sound identification method for competing in the regional science fair.


The student won her school’s competition with her construction sound recognition project (November 2017). In addition, the student won the 3rd place award in the regional science fair (February 2018).






While studying at Georgia Tech, I have been actively involved in leadership coaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students.  The Georgia Tech Leadership Edge Program professionally trained members in leadership and coaching, and as a member, I was assigned several students. I was able to encourage the fullest possible development of the untapped talents of each student.  At the same time, I realized that highly motivated teachers can foster the strengths of students and help them develop into knowledgeable, skilled individuals.

Stacey Doremus

Director of LEAD Programs and Systems

Leadership Education and Development

Georgia Institute of Technology



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